Kombucha Guides: Overview

This is our list of our main Kombucha Guides, both videos we’ve made and written guides. Note that we still have other articles on the site not listed here, so poke around the site for even MORE information about making the best tasting kombucha possible.

==Video Kombucha Guides==

We film video Kombucha guides and post them to our KombuchaHome youtube channel.

==Written Kombucha Guides==

Of course, we also have written Kombucha Guides. Check them out below

Making Kombucha…

If you want to make kombucha, these are the core guides we’ve written about the process.

How to Make Kombucha – THE core article showing you how to make Kombucha from start to finish. START HERE. Also make sure your check out our Video Guide to Making Kombucha.

Making Kombucha on Budget - Shows you how to brew Kombucha from start to finish as cheaply as possible

How to Do a Second Ferment – After you make kombucha, you can further improve taste by doing a second ferment. Read how to do this. Also check our our Video Guide to Doing Double Fermented Kombucha.

How to Make  Kombucha Coffee – Coffee Kombucha? You Bet. Learn how to brew kombucha out of coffee instead of tea

Brewing Questions…

Our very comprehensive Kombucha brewing guides

Correct Kombucha Ingredient Ratios – learn the recommended ratios of tea, sugar, water, container size and scoby size

How to Bottle Kombucha — Bottling your kombucha can improve flavor AND carbination. Read our guide

How to Create a Continous Brewing System — If you want to always have Kombucha available to drink without waiting, you need to create a continous brewing system.

How to Create Kombucha Alcohol – Kombucha already contains some alcohol. But if you want to  actually increase the alcoholic percentage, read how to do it here

How to Increase Alcohol Percentage in Your Kombucha

How to Create Caffeine-Free Kombucha – Kombucha contains caffeine. But it doesn’t have to. Find out how to completely eliminate caffeine.

How to Reduce Caffeine in Kombucha – You can reduce (or even eliminate) the caffeine level in your Kombucha by modifying the ingredients and/or the brewing process slightly.

How to Increase Carbonation in Your Kombucha – Do you want more carbonation in your Kombucha? Here’s how to make your Kombucha fizzy as a soda

Increase Kombucha Fizz – Love Fizz? With a few adjustments in the brewing process and the ingredient choices, you can increase your Kombucha fizz (carbonation) level

How to Estimate Brew Time – Always brew the perfect batch of Kombucha with this guide. Say goodbye to too-sour Kombucha forever!

Estimating How Much Kombucha You Need to Make – How much Kombucha should you brew to ensure you never run out? We’ve done the math for you and give you some suggestions on how to make sure you always have kombucha at-hand to drink when you want

Kombucha Ingredient Guides…

Learn the in’s and out’s of all the different Kombucha ingredient options and how they affect the taste and brew time of your ‘buch’

Correct Kombucha Ingredient Ratios – learn the recommended ratios of tea, sugar, water, container size and scoby size

Guide to the Types of Sugar Choices for Kombucha

Best Sugar for Kombucha Making

Best Tea for Making Kombucha

Best Types of Water for Making Kombucha

Flavoring Kombucha…

Guides on how to make the best tasting kombucha in the world. We also give some awesome tasting recipes

How to Flavor Kombucha: The Definitive Guide to Awesome Taste – If you want awesome tasting Kombucha every time, read this.

Creating SCOBYs…

Create Kombucha Mushrooms (SCOBYs) from scratch or produce baby SCOBYs from your existing SCOBY. Find out all you need to know about getting NEW SCOBYs

How to Grow a Kombucha Scoby from Scratch – did you know you can make a brand new Kombucha (SCOBY) mushroom from store bought or old kombucha?

How to Make a SCOBY from Store Bought – You can make a new scoby from store-bought Kombucha, if it’s the right kind. Find out how to do it here

How to Grow a New SCOBY from an Existing One – You can produce extra SCOBYs from your current SCOBY. Read how.

How to Remove Baby from Mother – We show you how to remove the baby SCOBY from the mother SCOBY in this article

How to Cut a SCOBY in Half - If you don’t want to wait for a baby SCOBY to be produced, you can simply cut your existing SCOBY in half to ‘make your own baby’. We show you how it’s done right.

SCOBY Care & Troubleshooting…

All you need to know about keeping your SCOBY in tip top shape


How to Activate a Dehydrated SCOBY – when you buy a SCOBY online, it sometimes comes dehydrated. Not a problem. Find out how to bring it back to life

What does a Heatlhy SCOBY look like

Caring for SCOBYs in Cold Weather - if you are brewing Kombucha in cold weather, the fermentation process can be much slower. Find out exactly what to do to ensure your SCOBY stays healthy and your Kombucha brewing unhindered when the temperatures are cold

Caring for SCOBY’s in Warm Weather — if the temperature is hot, you’ll need to make some adjustments to your brewing process and times. And you’ll have to treat your SCOBY differently.

Taking a break from Kombucha Making – learn how to pause your kombucha brewing process for weeks or months without killing your SCOBY/s

How to Create a SCOBY Hotel - learn how to create (and maintain) a SCOBY Hotel, that is, a place to store your extra SCOBYs

What to Do with Extra Kombucha SCOBYs — if you make kombucha on a regular basis, you WILL end up with more SCOBYs than you know what to do with. Here are some creative ideas for what to do with them

SCOBY Trouble Shooting:

The Ultimate Guide on How to Figure Out if Your Kombucha SCOBY has Mold or Not

How to Prevent Mold from Growing on your SCOBY – Mold is a very bad thing and can destroy your Kombucha and your SCOBY. Learn what to do to prevent it from contaminating your SCOBY

What to Do if your SCOBY develops Mold

Acquiring a SCOBY…

We cover the best places online where you can buy (or be given) a SCOBY

Best Place to Buy a SCOBY

Best Sources for Buying SCOBYs

Where to Get a SCOBY From

Kombucha Equipment…

All you ever wanted to know about Kombucha Brewing Equipment — the essential, the specialized, the best, and so on.

Essential Kombucha Brewing Equipment – the absolute bare minimum equipment you need to make kombucha

Non-Essential Kombucha Brewing Equipment – We give a list of recommendations for kombucha making-equipment that’s awesome to have (makes brewing faster, easier, and funner) but not essential if you can’t afford it.

Specialized Kombucha Brewing Equipment – When you are ready to take your kombucha brewing to the next level or you just want to absolute best tasting (and quality control of) kombucha, then you want this equipment.

Best Kombucha Brewing Equipment – We give you our picks for the best equipment for making kombucha. This is a list of our favorite things we use to make kombucha

Best Containers for Brewing Kombucha — You have a lot of options when it comes to the vessel you choose to brew your Kombucha in: glass, stainless steel, wood, ceramic, and stoneware. We weigh in on the best containers you should choose and some specific product suggestions that will streamline your brewing process

Best Containers for Making Sweet Tea – To make kombucha, you need to make sweat tea. We give a list of what we consider the best equipment to accomplish this as quickly and as easily as possible while ensure maximum quality of tea.

Health Benefits of Kombucha…

Interested in the health benefits of Kombucha? Read our selection of articles covering the facts and the fiction associated with this drink

Health Benefits of Kombucha: Fact and Fiction and the Science: there’s a lot of hype and bogus claims associated with Kombucha. The majority of these are NOT true. Read what’s real and what’s not and the actually science behind Kombucha.

The Real Benefits of Kombucha – There’s a lot of BS when it comes to Kombucha claims. We disambiguate the facts from the fiction

Kombucha Myths – Some myths…and truths

What is Kombucha Tea – What is Kombucha Tea? Find out

What is Second Ferment Kombucha – What is a second ferment kombucha and why should you do it? Find out.

Other Articles…

Kombucha vs Water Kefir – Kefir and Kombucha are both fermented drinks — Kefir is a fermented milk product while Kombucha is fermented tea. Find out the similarities and differences between these drinks

History of Kombucha – A detailed breakdown of the history of ‘buch’.


Note, we have plenty of other articles on our website not listed here. Look around our site or read our blog to find them.