They’re both sweet-sour slightly bubbly drinks. They’re both full of probiotics. And they’re both made by using strange-looking blobs of yeast and bacteria to ferment sugary liquid. So what’s the difference between kombucha and water kefir? Different Colonies . . . The kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) is made up of millions… [Continue Reading]

Although three words describe the only kombucha ingredients you really need – tea, sugar, water – it’s a bit more complicated than that when you want to really understand which ingredients are the best to use for making kombucha, and why. Tea: The SCOBY’s Traditional Food If you look into the history of kombucha you’ll see… [Continue Reading]

Atkins, South Beach, or Weight Watchers. Cabbage soup or grapefruit three times a day. Juice fasting, diets based on blood type, eating no carbohydrates at all, eating nothing but carbohydrates … there are so many ways to “eat right” in today’s modern society, how can you possibly know which one will work for you? Here’s… [Continue Reading]

We’ve talked a lot about making fermented tea (kombucha), but there’s a host of other easy-to-make fermented foods that you can take advantage of that offer you a different set of benefits such as kefir and fermented veggies. Modern civilization is a wonderful thing. We have laptops and smartphones, refrigeration and compact cars, electricity and… [Continue Reading]

Though this is primarily a Kombucha site, we want to talk about some of the other fermented foods you can easily make at home, both drinkable and edible. Along with Kombucha, these foods boost your health and deliver different health benefits. Kefir, is another drinkable fermented product (like Kombucha) that’s absolutely awesome for you. It’s… [Continue Reading]