2nd ferment in gallon jar

Discussion in 'Kombucha Troubleshooting' started by Colleen11052, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Colleen11052

    Colleen11052 New Member

    hi everyone! I'm just wonder if it's ok to do my second ferment in same jar I did my first ferment?? When I think its ready for the second, I take out the SCOBY and put in my fruit (I used grapes from my grapevines that I had in freezer), and I just keep it in the gallon jar, put lid on it and wait a few days. Then I will put it a couples pictures a drink it up in the next few days or so. I'm a beginner at this. I have the bottles but haven't used them yet, seems this way is easier with the gallon jugs. They are quality glass gallon jars. Thanks for replies on gallon jar second ferment.
  2. Claire

    Claire New Member

    It should work alright, the only issue would be fizziness. The closed, airtight environment of the bottle is what helps create carbonation. Let me know what the taste is like! Also, do you plan on pulling the grapes out after 3 days, or leaving them in while you drink the batch?
  3. Misschief

    Misschief Member

    Colleen, no reason it shouldn't work. How much fizziness are you getting?
  4. Colleen11052

    Colleen11052 New Member

    Hi Claire, glad I read this when I did because I almost forgot to check it. So I just took out the grapes and threw them out. My kombucha smells fermented and it's not fizzy, it has a small fiz on the tongue then goes away fast. the acidity is at 3.4 I wish I could test it for alcohol content.. I'm not trying to get that effect, just curious. thanks for your reply
  5. Colleen11052

    Colleen11052 New Member

    hi, I'm not getting the fizziness I enjoy so I will be using bottles next time.
  6. Ben

    Ben Administrator Staff Member

    Don't do a second ferment in the same jar you do your first ferment. These jars don't seal in the CO2 the same way that say a wine bottle or Latch-style bottle will.

    You'll get a MUCH more fizzy ferment by using one of the Flip top style bottles to do the second ferment in.

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