Continuous Brew System and New Scoby

Discussion in 'Kombucha Brewing' started by Merc, Oct 8, 2017.

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    I didn't see anything that confirmed or denied this, but if I missed it somewhere, please let me know.

    I started my kombucha brewing habit a few months ago with a dehydrated scoby I picked up on impulse from a local store (I've since learned that the success rate using a dehydrated scoby isn't very high). I followed the directions for rehydrating it and have brewed some decent though not particularly fantastic batches with it. Last month, I transferred it to a jar for a continuous brew setup, but it's not producing baby scobies or growing beyond having marginally thickened, so I've ordered a live one packed in starter tea to replace it.

    I'd like to just sanitize my jar for continuous brew and put the new scoby directly in there with fresh tea and the starter, but wanted to make sure I wasn't supposed to brew a few batches with the new scoby in a regular jar first. I figure it wouldn't make much difference as long as I used the proper ingredients, but I'm also still very new to this and don't want to accidentally kill a new scoby. Thanks for your help.

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