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Discussion in 'Kombucha Brewing' started by Carl1979, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Carl1979

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    Is anyone familiar with this company? Does anyone know if they still sell bottled kombucha? The reason I ask is cause I drank their kombucha a while back...maybe three years ago and I really liked it...it gave me a good beer buzz! I haven't tasted another kombucha that's effervescent like that and that gives a.good beer buzz in a long time....if someone knows where I could find this product let me know? I'm wanting to start making it (kombucha) and want their strains cause they're so bubbly...

    Thanks in advance....
  2. mirko

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    Hi Carl

    I'm also looking to do some kombucha at home with a beer like carbonation. I tried a very good one made in Scotland made by an ex-beer brewer and tastes amazing, feels like drinking a beer/french cider... just the right fizz like a beer, check them out: leftfield kombucha.

    Did you find out a way of producing a beer like fizz kombucha, do let me know please.



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