Long fermentation time...pressing down the scoby?

Discussion in 'Kombucha Brewing' started by Nickis Numelin, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Nickis Numelin

    Nickis Numelin New Member

    Hello, I have been doing 5 gallon baches and the time for reaching 3,1 ph has taken up to 4 weeks. The scoby is very tight to the vessel so I am worried that the kombucha does not get the air it needs. Can I puch down the scoby to get aitr in the Kombucha? or is it any idea?
  2. Misschief

    Misschief Member

    No need to do that, Nickis. Brewing kombucha is an anaerobic (no air) process. That is to say, it creates its own seal. Don't seal your container, obviously, but if you push it down, it will simply create a new scoby.
  3. Nickis Numelin

    Nickis Numelin New Member

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