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Discussion in 'Kefir Flavor Recipes' started by Misschief, Sep 3, 2016.

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    Being fairly new to the world of kefir and kombucha, I need flavour inspiration. I have my fave kombucha flavours (thanks Ben, for the chai recipe... so yummy!) but I'm completely uninspired when it comes to water kefir. I've tried blackberry/lavender (my granddaughter's fave), pineapple (meh), lemon ginger (just nope!), apple, and a few others. I'm trying to come up with something my 7 y.o. grandson will love. So far, nothing has pleased his taste buds as much as the SunRype Apple Juice he drinks like he'll never be able to get it again.
  2. Ben

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    Here's a great water kefir recipe that's easy, simple, and pretty amazing: mix Water Kefir with grapefruit juice and a touch of lavender.

    It's absolutely amazing, and one of my favorite water kefir flavors! That one came from my mother, who has been doing quite a bit of experimentation with water kefir flavors.
  3. Misschief

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    Oh, that does sound good! I'll definitely try it. Thanks!
  4. Misschief

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    I found a flavour I'm really liking... Stash Tea Orange and Chocolate herbal tea. I used two teabags in one quart of wk, let it sit for a couple of days in the quart jar (after removing the grains), then moved it to a bottle and let it get fizzy. Served over ice, it's lovely. There's a subtle chocolate scent and a subtle orange flavour. Very nice!

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