New Scoby or Mold

Discussion in 'Kombucha Troubleshooting' started by Kiknme, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Kiknme

    Kiknme New Member

    wife and I are trying to start brewing some kombucha and we started two batches one definitely had more and we are unsure on this one. After looking around on the site I think it's a new scoby but want a second opinion

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  2. Misschief

    Misschief New Member

    I'd be a little concerned about that white spot. The rest of the scoby looks fine but keep an eye on that white spot. If it looks at all fuzzy, I'd say you have mold.
  3. Ben

    Ben Administrator Staff Member

    Oh yes, that's mold. Toss the whole bunch -- SCOBY and brew and start again!
  4. Kiknme

    Kiknme New Member

    It's not fuzzy at all, hasn't grown and has changed color?

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