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Discussion in 'Kombucha Brewing' started by Wendyb, Jan 9, 2017.

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    I received a scoby baby from a friend with probably 1/2 a cup of liquid that the scoby is in. I have brewed my sweet tea and now realized this may be an issue with only 1/2 a cup of starter liquid to go in a gallon of tea. Do I need to add vinegar? Would apple cider vinager work??? I'm new to this..
    Thank you!!
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    Sorry for the late reply, I get overwhelmed with questions on the blog, on the facebook page, and now the forum!

    Don't use ACV -- not unless you are trying to do some experimentation. ACV has it's own bacterial culture. By using ACV as Kombucha starter, you are introducing another culture. It will work to adjust the pH (which is why you put in starter, to give the SCOBY culture a safe environment for a few days, preventing other cultures from gaining a foot hold until the SCOBY culture gets strong in the new brew) like regular kombucha starter, but the extra culture may impact the flavor.

    Use white vinegar in the same ratio as kombucha starter. You can, if you want, use AVC as an experiment, but only do this in experimental brews that you don't put back or mix with your regular SCOBYs
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    Thank you so much for the response. It definitely made for more of a vinager taste. I'm starting over.

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