Pickled eggs

Discussion in 'General Fermentation Talk' started by Gord, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Gord

    Gord New Member

    Do you think it would be ok to pickle eggs in a brine of raw Kombucha, I would bring the ph down to @ 2.4 and put them in the fridge right away?
    Thanks Gord
  2. Ben

    Ben Administrator Staff Member

    I don't see why not. You can use Kombucha vinegar for Fermented Veggies without problem.

    I've never done this specifically (make pickled eggs), but it should work. I would use some AGED kombucha though -- sour, old stuff. Not newly brewed, sweet kombucha. You want a strong, aged culture. You could make kombucha and leave it for a month or two to get this effect (it becomes kombucha vinegar) or take some liquid from a SCOBY hotel.

    My experience with pickling though -- pickled stuff usually is left OUTSIDE the fridge. The cooler temperatures in the fridge may limit the activity of the beneficial organisms and can lead to the wrong type of stuff taking hold. This is why you on't put brewing kombucha in the fridge (or you may get mold). I've also put fermented veggies in the fridge and mold eventually develops -- something that does not happen when you leave it outside the fridge.

    I'm not sure what's the case with picked eggs though, so I can't offer exact advice there.
  3. Gord

    Gord New Member

    Thanks Ben, there doesn't seem to be anyone I can find doing it so it is hard to find information on it

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