Put in fridge before fermenting, OK?

Discussion in 'Kombucha Brewing' started by Justin, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Justin

    Justin New Member

    Hey all,

    First post and second attempt at brewing my own Kombucha.

    After a week of brewing I bottled all the kombucha and put in the fridge for another week. After reviewing some instructions I realized I should have left the bottles OUT of the fridge to further ferment and develop carbonation. Oops. So is it too late or can I just take the bottles out of the fridge as though nothing happened?

    Also, in terms of flavoring, is that done before or after the carbonation process?

  2. Misschief

    Misschief Member

    I've done that before. I've taken them out of the fridge to further ferment and I've had no issues at all.

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