SCOBY looks weird... Take a look...

Discussion in 'Kombucha Troubleshooting' started by Dom, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Dom

    Dom New Member

    Hey everyone!

    Just want to first thank everyone for taking the time to look at my SCOBY!

    I've looked at a bajillion other pictures, but have not found one that looks similar to mine.

    Here it is:


    I was wondering if anyone, had any idea, as to what that spot in the middle is?

    It looks as though it could have air underneath it, but anyway, that was taken this morning - DAY 8

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, I'm having a great time learning this fermentation process and just want to say thank you for existing and sharing your knowledge with others!

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  2. Misschief

    Misschief Member

    Interesting! I've not seen anything like it either but I would say it's ok. If you've got an air bubble or yeast pushing it up, I can see that happening. It isn't fuzzy at all, which makes me think there's no worry.
  3. Dee

    Dee New Member

  4. Dom

    Dom New Member

    Well I started just brewing another SCOBY altogether... However I decided to keep this one to see how it goes. I did mess with it and pop the middle, which was just a very thin layer, not why, hopefully you can see in the picture
  5. Misschief

    Misschief Member

    Aren't scobies fascinating? That one is perfectly fine. :cool:
  6. Ben

    Ben Administrator Staff Member

    Agreed with @Misschief, a normal SCOBY (seems to be a yeast pocket).
  7. Paul Rooney

    Paul Rooney New Member

    Hi there
    Just speaking of how SCOBYs look my recently developed this weird blue/white film over some of it. I haven't seen mould before but I'm slightly paranoid it could be. Does anybody know?

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  8. Misschief

    Misschief Member

    You're all good. It's just growing a new scoby. I almost do a little happy dance when I see the blue film.

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