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Discussion in 'Kefir Troubleshooting' started by Ben, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Ben

    Ben Administrator Staff Member

    This forum is specific to address questions related to Kefir brewing problems such as flavor problems, fermentation issues, kefir grain questions, and such.

    For example, questions like:
    • 'Are My Kefir Grains Still Alive?'
    • 'Is My Kefir Still Good?'
    • 'My Milk is Not Fermenting properly...why?'
    • 'My Kefir Tastes Bad'
    Make sure you READ through existing posts here AND use the SEARCH feature above to try to search for your issue. Chances are, given enough posts here, your basic question may already be answered in full..


  2. sue spooner

    sue spooner New Member

    my water kefir grains just don't seem to be growing any more and my kefir is flat what can i do i do feed them and i have well water any ideas ty

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