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Beet Kvas

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Adjust Servings:
3 beets plump or good sized
1 1/2 Tablespoons of sea salt refined
Water filtered

Beet Kvas


    Once you make beet kvas, you will want to make it often. Its delicious, nutritious, and you have all the ingredients usually on hand. Serve it to your guests during the holidays or for special occasions where you all get together. It’s the perfect thing to bring.

    • Serves 4
    • Medium




    Making recipes that consist of fermentation is not always easy. In fact, you will hear some ways of doing things that others disagree. When making beet kvass, you don’t necessarily need to use a culture starter or whey. These can be very expensive and while many recipes will call for it, you may be on a fixed budget when it comes to groceries or you may be lactose intolerant. There is an alternative to using these and this recipe will show you a simpler way. Hint: It doesn’t include loading your beet Kvas up with salt either. Many people believe that you can’t even enjoy beets fermented without using so much salt that it no longer tastes right.

    Beet Kvas, What is it?

    This dark red vegetable is perfect when combined with an old-fashioned type tonic. Together, they bring to you a healthy drink that is filled with benefits. Drinking a fermented drink can help restore lost electrolytes after exercising or sweating. It helps to restore all the natural sugars that you may have lost and without adding the artificial ingredients. In fact, Kvas can be even more hydrating than water can.

    Considering the beet, it is high in betacyanin, which is vital when increasing the bloods ability to carry oxygen around the body. Beets can help to lower your blood pressure if you suffer from high blood pressure. Beet juice drinks can reduce the blood pressure within a few hours. Beets can increase your energy if you are working out or using up a large amount of energy. Beets can also help the body to fight off inflammation in certain areas. These red veggies produce beating which is a nutrient to your body and it helps to fight off the inflammation and provides protection to the organs as well as helping to improve the vascular health.

    Everyone wants to do whatever they can to reduce their chances of developing cancer. Beetroot extract can help decrease the chances of multi-organ tumor development. While studies are still confirming all the details, again beets and beet juice has so many benefits, it’s just a great idea to add it to your daily menu.

    Finally, beets have a detoxifying benefit and can help cleanse that liver and the blood. Because of the betalin pigments found in beets, your body is able to detox more effectively because these pigments help the body to push the toxins out through excretion.

    What if you can’t Stomach the Taste of Beets?

    Not everyone likes beets and if you don’t, but you want the benefits that beets has to offer the body, try adding beets within a dish instead of eating them on their own. For example, make a vegetable soup and include beets. Slice or chop them up to the right consistency for you. You can also add them to salads as well. You don’t need a lot of beets in a daily diet in order to reap the benefits. Every beet counts.

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    5 minutes

    Wash the Beets

    The first step is to prepare the beets. Most beets that you purchase in the store are open and not packaged for you so everyone gets to go through and decide which one they want. When you get the beets home, you want to wash them to ensure that all the dirt is off of them as well as the germs. Don't take a scrub brush to the skins and you don't want to peel them either. Beet skins are filled with vitamins and nutrients so you don't want to lose that. There is also good bacteria found on the skins and they will be vital for fermentation.

    5 minutes

    Chop the Beets

    It shouldn't take long to chop three beets up. You will want to make them medium sized diced pieces.

    2 minutes

    Place in Jar

    Once you have the beets chopped up, place them into a glass gallon sized jar.

    1 minute

    Add Salt

    Pour the sea salt in the jar and on top of the beets

    2 minutes

    Add Water

    Next, pour the water into the jar and fill it up to where it is only 1/2 inches below the lid.

    1 minute


    Place the lid onto the jar. Make sure that the lid is the right size for the jar as you need to make sure that it is sealed tightly.



    This process will take anywhere from 10-15 days, maybe more or less depending on a few factors such as the indoor temperature in the room, is the jar kept out of direct sunlight at all times, and how healthy the beets are.


    Product Finished

    Once the beet Kvas is ready, you can strain through cheese cloth and divide it into smaller containers or jars to make pouring more convenient.

    Store the finished beet Kvas in the refrigerator until you are ready to enjoy.



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