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Bread Kvas

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Adjust Servings:
½ cup of raisins grape raisins from the supermarket is fine.
4 cups of sugar white refined
Tablespoons of active dry yeast
10 Quarts of water tap water is fine
9 slices of rye bread You can also use classic black or dark bread as well
3 large soda bottles made from plastic that have been empties and washed out thoroughly.

Bread Kvas


    There are many benefits to adding fermented foods and beverages to your daily intake. With this recipe, you will be able to enjoy the great taste of Kvas and benefit from its ingredients. See what your friends and family think about it once you create your first batch – it’s a crowd pleaser.

    • 3 Days
    • Serves 20
    • Easy




    If you like Kvas, you will enjoy having this recipe at your home and it’s simple to make. Kvass is very popular both in the Ukraine as well as Russia. This beer tastes sweet but it is non-alcoholic, containing up to approximately 1% of alcohol. While it will taste more like alcohol the longer you allow it to set in the refrigerator, it is still not an alcoholic drink. With that in mind, it’s best to use this recipe up within the first couple of days.

    Store your Kvas in plastic soda bottles that you have emptied and washed out thoroughly. Using plastic soda bottles is ideal because these bottles are specifically designed to withstand pressurized drinks. You will want to keep an eye out on your bottles to ensure that they are not inflating too much and if you notice that they are, just release the caps carefully one or two times during the day while you are in your kitchen. You may notice this fluctuation in the bottles more when you are heating the kitchen up to prepare a meal or if it is hot in your home. While these plastic bottles are made to withstand the pressure, they can still explode to release the pressure when needed.
    Note: Start preparing this recipe in the afternoon or evening.

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    Day One: Preparation

    In your large stock pot, add 2 1/2 gallons of water and bring to a full rolling boil.


    Prepare the Bread

    While you are waiting for the water to heat up, place the slices of bread in your toaster and set the toaster on the darkest setting.


    water, Bread is toasted, now bring on the raisins!

    Once you have the water to a full rolling boil, remove the pots from the heat and add all the raisins into the pot.


    Add the Bread

    Place all the toasted bread slices into the pot. Make sure that all bread touches the water.


    Cover and Set

    Cover the pot with a lid and allow this pot to set on your counter over night or for at least eight hours.

    Note: The darker you toast the bread, the darker your Kvass will turn out.

    Note: Because you are toasting the bread so dark, it will most likely cause your toaster to smoke. You can toast out side or in an outside building with electricity to avoid smoking up your home.


    Day Two: Wrap it Up

    Now that your water, raisins, and bread has soaked for at least eight hours, it's now time to move pull it all together. Here's how:

    Step One: Removing the bread
    Using tongs or a straining ladle, remove each piece of toast from the water and discard it.


    Combine sugar and yeast

    Using a medium-sized bowl, add the sugar and yeast together and stir to combine.


    Add to water

    Once the yeast and sugar have combined, add it to the water mixture and stir thoroughly.


    Cover and Set

    Place plastic wrap over the opening of the pot or you can place the lid back on the pot if it fits correctly. Allow this mixture to set for six hours on your counter.

    Note: Stir the mixture every two hours and replace the lid or plastic wrap when done.


    Raisins - Exit!

    Now that your mixture has set out for six hours, it's time to remove the raisins from the liquid. This should be easy to do because the raisins are most likely floating.


    Using cheese cloth or a small-holed strainer, pour the Kvas into your prepared plastic soda bottles carefully. You can use a funnel to help.


    Close the bottles

    Place the lids onto the soda bottles but don't screw them down too tight.


    Refrigerate the bottles overnight.


    Day Three: Enjoying your Kvas

    Remove a bottles from the refrigerator once you know they have chilled completely down. Tighten each lid up and place back in the refrigerator until you are ready to enjoy.

    Note: It's best to enjoy this beverage within 7-10 days. Remember the longer it stays in the refrigerator, the more sugar it consumes making the alcohol taste more noticeable.


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