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Cantaloupe Flavored Milk Kefir

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Adjust Servings:
1 teaspoon of kefir grains You can purchase the kefir grains online at a reputable company or individual.
1 cup of milk
cantaloupe peeled, seeded, and sliced and diced
4 cups of ice
1 Tablespoon of honey raw
Sea salt just a pinch
4 cups of milk kefir

Cantaloupe Flavored Milk Kefir


    There are so many different ways to enjoy the taste of cantaloupe. This delicious fruit will taste great in your healthy milk kefir no matter what season it is.

    • 24 hours/17 minutes
    • Serves 1
    • Easy




    There is not a whole lot you can’t add to milk kefir to give it the flavor that you long for. When it’s really hot outside and water doesn’t seem to quench your thirst, you may want to consider using the delicious taste of cantaloupe. Better yet, freeze your cantaloupe so that it’s very cold when you mix this drink together.

    Cantaloupe has a lot of flavor to it and with that flavor comes some very important nourishment which includes carotenoids and cucurbitains, which are two very special protective phytonutrients needed in the body. You can also find vitamin A, C, and B vitamins as well.

    When making the cantaloupe flavored milk kefir, you may can make it different ways so that you get the best taste for your taste buds. Whether you just picked it from your garden, at your local store, or you had it in the freezer, cantaloupe is going to be the best tasting flavor for your milk kefir.

    For this recipe, you can use fresh cantaloupe or if you have some in the freezer, go ahead and use it.

    First, you will need to make milk kefir. To do this, you can view the recipe here 

    To make milk kefir, you will need to have the following ingredients:

    * 1 teaspoon of kefir grains – You can purchase the kefir grains online at a reputable company or individual.

    * 1 Cup of milk

    You will need to add one teaspoon of the grains to the cup of milk and cover the jar/glass. Place it in a dark place for twenty-four hours to allow the grains to do its magic. During this time, the bacteria so that are in the kefir grains will work with the milk to turn it into fermented milk but not reaching the stage of spoiling. Once it’s done, the kefir will turn the milk into a thick buttermilk consistency and ultimately have a tangy taste to it, resembling the taste of yogurt.

    Once you have completed the milk kefir recipe, you are ready to add Flavoring to your drink.


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    10 minutes

    Prepare the cantaloupe

    You may want to use a small cantaloupe so you don't have a lot of extra that you can't do anything with. If you do find yourself with extra cantaloupe, stick it in the freezer for another day. To prepare the cantaloupe, you will want to peel it, remove the seeds, and then slice it into manageable slices. Finally, dice the slices you will be using in your milk kefir.

    5 minutes


    Place the cantaloupe inside your blender. Then add the milk kefir, ice, salt, and honey. Blend for approximately 30 seconds or until it is all combined with no lumps.

    2 minutes

    Taste and Sweeten as needed

    Taste the cantaloupe flavored milk kefir to see that it is tasting the way that you hoped it would. Once adjusted correctly, sit back and enjoy!

    Refrigerate your milk kefir immediately until you are ready to drink it.


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