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Coffee Kombucha

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Adjust Servings:
1/2 cup Refined White Sugar
2 cups Coffee freshly brewed
1 SCOBY used only for this batch of coffee kombucha

Coffee Kombucha


    A delicious fermented cold coffee that's slightly sweet and effervescent

    • 7 days
    • Serves 12
    • Easy




    If you are a coffee drinker, you value that great coffee taste when you are having a rough day, trying to get awake in the mornings, or if you are visiting with your friends. Coffee brings people together throughout the day and now you can enjoy the great taste of Kombucha with your coffee.

    Making Coffee Kombucha is not difficult to do so you can whip up a batch of it when you want it.

    Before you begin brewing your first batch of coffee Kombucha, there are a few important tips to get the most out of your coffee Kombucha experience.

    • Coffee is acidic so you will not need to add vinegar or starter Kombucha to this recipe as you do in other flavored Kombucha beverages.
    • Once you use a scoby to make coffee Kombucha, you can no longer use that scoby to make a basic Kombucha recipe. Use a different scoby just for making coffee Kombucha
    • If you see brown spots on your scoby after making a batch of coffee Kombucha, don’t worry because this is normal. Remember, coffee stains and it will stain your scoby too.
    • While fermenting your coffee Kombucha, you should watch it very closely. Coffee contains oils that can turn your batch of Kombucha bad quickly. Allow it to ferment just long enough to achieve the taste you want.
    • Once your coffee Kombucha is ready to drink, only serve at room temperature or cold because when you heat the Kombucha, the heat will kill the good bacteria’s. If you are accustomed to drinking your coffee hot, you may need to get use to drinking cold coffee before you try this recipe. You can let your coffee cool down and drink it at room temperature or you can visit your local coffee shop and ask for a cold coffee.

    Ingredients you Will Need

    • ½ Cup of white sugar, refined
    • 2 quarts of coffee, freshly brewed
    • 1 Scoby, used for coffee Kombucha only

    How to Make Coffee Kombucha (Overview)

    You will need to brew a pot of your favorite coffee. Once the brewing is complete, you will need to add your sugar to the coffee and let it cool down before transferring it over to a glass gallon jar where it will stay for seven days during the fermentation process.


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    5 minutes

    Brewing the Coffee

    Brew 2 quarts of your regular coffee and check to make sure that there is no coffee grounds inside.

    If you use a glass coffee pot, you will be able to hold it up to the light and see if any grounds are floating around. Use plain regular coffee grounds for brewing; don't use flavored coffee grounds or your fermentation may fail.

    We recommend using the French Press for a better tasting, more full coffee brew to use. However, you can get by with coffee from a coffee machine, if that's all you have. Do NOT use instant coffee -- only freshly ground coffee.

    2 minutes

    Add the Sugar

    Pour the sugar directly into the coffee and stir to dissolve completely.

    60 minutes

    Cool the Coffee

    The coffee/sugar mixture needs to completely cool down. Once the brewing stops, turn the coffee pot off and remove the glass pot from the heating element so it doesn't retain any heat. It must be cooled down to room temperature before you can proceed to step 4.

    5 minutes

    Add the SCOBY

    Now that your coffee is cooled down to room temperature, it is not time to transfer the coffee to a glass gallon sized jar and then add the scoby. Place tightly woven cloth to the top of the jar or you can add coffee filters if you prefer. Secure with a rubber band.

    5 - 7 days

    Ferment It

    Leave your coffee Kombucha mixture out of direct sunlight for a total of seven days. On the seventh day, you will need to taste your Kombucha to see if it tastes good to you.

    Stop the fermentation process once it tastes good to you.

    Coffee Kombucha is a healthy alternative to soda's and powdered flavoring. Kombucha produces healthy probiotics that aid in good digestive health. Combining Kombucha with your favorite flavors will encourage you to drink more and enjoy your drink.

    Save your scoby in a separate container, such as a glass jar, and mark it so you will know that the scoby inside is for coffee Kombucha only.

    Invite your friends over and enjoy a new twist on an old conversation favorite.


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    We just moved back from New Zealand…I recognize the bottle of coffee kombucha in your picture! I already miss it!

    On a side note, it seems most commercial coffee kombucha’s are made with cold brewed coffee because of the reduced oil content (yielding less bitter results). You can easily make a batch of cold brewer coffee the same way as usual with your French press but add COLD water and let it sit out covered either on the countertop, or in the fridge over night. Smoother brew that will yield better booch. Cheers!

    Great tip and something I never considered, but makes a lot of sense. I’ll be sure to try this during my next Coffee Kombucha batch!

    Thanks for the tip!


    I am going to try this, but I am confused with the amount of coffee. In your ingredients list on the left you say 2 cups (500ml), but in the instructions it says to use 2 quarts (nearly 2 litres). Which amount did you use when making this? Thanks 🙂

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