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Delicious Orange Carrot Ginger Kvas

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Adjust Servings:
6 carrots round slices about 1/8 inches in diameter
6 strips of orange peel organic
2 Tablespoons of ginger chopped
2 teaspoons of sea salt
Water filtered

Delicious Orange Carrot Ginger Kvas


    Its easy to get the benefits of kvas when you add fruits and vegetables you like. This recipe is great for those fall days when you are starting to feel the coolness in the air and you have to except that the season will soon be changing.

    • 2-3 days
    • Serves 0
    • Medium




    Kvas is not for everyone; some like it and some don’t. Its just one of those things that you either like to indulge in or you don’t. Kvas is normally made with beets or bread but for this recipe, we are changing it up a little by adding some orange flavored fruits and vegetables together. Carrots bring sweetness to the table while ginger adds spice. Orange is tangy and together with the Kvas, you have a sweet drink that you want to make time and time again.

    The Benefits of Oranges

    We’ve heard about all the many benefits of adding oranges to your daily intake. Whether you eat an orange whole or drink the juice, you are consuming vitamin C.

    • This vitamin C also is known as an ascorbic acid and helps provide antioxidants to the body and rounds up the free radicals that can cause damage to the body when left alone. Consuming vitamin C can help jumpstart the immune system.
    • Drinking the juice of an orange can add vitamin A to your body as well. This is a great antioxidant when consumed in concentrated levels, such as orange juice. The vitamin Acan help kidney health and eye health too.
    • Because oranges have a high folate content it can help to improve the blood circulation throughout the body. Because this vitamin is great at cell growth, the blood can flow throughout the body much easier.
    • Anti-inflammatory agents found in oranges can greatly reduce pain and swelling promoting a more active lifestyle.
    • If you suffer from high blood pressure, adding an orange to your daily intake can be a great asset to managing your blood pressure. Hesperidin is found in the juice of an orange and is considered an antioxidant so it helps to protect the body from diseases, including cancer. Because this is a water – soluble plant compound, it has a positive effect on how the small blood vessels function, allowing blood to flow more smoothly and decreasing the chances of the development of cardiovascular diseases.

    The Benefits of Carrots

    Carrots are great snacks for kids and adults when you are on-the-go or when you want a little color and sweetness added to your salads but did you know that carrots can also help lower your blood pressure, help prevent many cardiovascular diseases, as well as the following:

    • Help improve digestion – Because carrots have a lot of dietary fiber, its easier for the digestive system to do what it needs to do. The fiber found in carrots can help the bowels move more smoothly as the food travels through the digestive tract. This can result in a better and more healthy colon and stomach, avoiding colorectal cancer chances and it and also help to lower the bad cholesterol too.
    • You have probably heard over the years that eating carrots is good for the eyes, well this is actually true. Beta-Carotene found in carrots can help lower the risk of eye conditions such as macular degeneration. And because carrots have a lot of vitamin A in them, your eyesight can improve over time and prevent diseases and conditions of the eyes from starting.
    • The organic compounds that are found in carrots can improve the overall oral health because this compound can stimulate the gums and create excess saliva which can help flush out bacteria and food particles from remaining on the gums, causing halitosis as well as cavities.
    • Are you worried about your risk of stroke? If you are, starting with a healthy diet is crucial in prevention. Adding carrots to your diet each day can help to lower your risk of having a stroke due to the beta carotene levels found in this delicious orange vegetable.
    • Diabetes is a common condition today due to the foods that are filled with sugar and the inability to break down the excessive amount of sugar in the body. Because carrots are good for regulating the blood sugar inside the body due to carotenoids, the carotenoids can actually help to lower the blood sugar and regulate the insulin and glucose to balance out the system and allow it to function as it should.

    The Benefits of Ginger

    Ginger is a great additive to any diet because of everything it can accomplish. Ginger has been used for so many things throughout the year and its rightly earned its standing today.

    • Ginger can help improve bone health and decrease or minimize joint pain.
    • If you suffer from diarrhea, excess gas, or nausea, or if you just need help in your daily digestion, adding ginger in your beverage can help to settle your stomach ailment.
    • Ginger is unique in the fact that it can actually help to detoxify the body. Ginger can promote sweating which can help to clean out the pours and allow harmful toxins to be pushed out of the pores as well. If you have a bacterial or viral infection, try adding ginger to your tea or with this recipe below to improve your chances of flushing that infection out.
    • Adding ginger to your treatment for the flue can help get over the flu more quickly.
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    5 minutes

    Prep the Veggies and Fruit

    Wash, rinse, and peel accordingly.

    1 minute

    Add to Jar

    Add the orange peel, carrot slices, and chopped ginger to a glass jar, half gallon size.

    1 minute

    Add salt

    Measure and pour in the sea salt.

    1 minute

    Add Water

    Pour water into the jar until it fills up the jar to one inch from the top.

    1 minute

    Cover and Shake

    Place a lid on the jar tightly and then shake the jar vigorously in order to dissolve the salt.

    1 minute

    Remove Lid – Replace with Coffee Filter

    Remove the lid and place a coffee filter over the jar and secure it with a rubber band.

    2-4 days

    Allow the Mixture to Set

    Place the jar in a dark place that can maintain the same temperature for the next 2-4 days.

    Note: The warmer the area, the less time it should take. If you allow the mixture to stay in a warm place for too long, it will become sour. Start to sample taste your mixture after the second day and then check it daily until it reaches a taste that you like.

    5 minutes


    Once your mixture has completed the fermentation process, strain the liquid, separating it from the carrots, ginger, and orange peel.
    Note: Leave approximately one cup of the liquid inside the jar so you can begin your next batch of Kvas.


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