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Fermenting Beets at Home

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Adjust Servings:
3 large beets cooked with skins removed
1 cup of water
Tablespoon of salt

Fermenting Beets at Home


    If you like the taste of beets, you are going to love the convenience of fermenting them and enjoying them throughout the year. If you don’t like them that well but are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, just set a jar in the fridge and add a couple of cubes to your plate daily so you can enjoy the benefits of them sooner.

    • Serves 2
    • Medium




    Beets are one of those vegetables that simply get ignored unless you really like the taste. These dark red gems are chalked full of nutritional value and while they may not taste good to all, they are healthy enough that you should find a way to get past the taste so you can add them to your daily diet intake. They are mostly abundant in the wintertime because that is the normal growing season for beets. Beets can be consumed raw, fermented, cooked, or juiced.

    Why EatBeets?

    Before you convince yourself that you need more beets in your diet, here are some reasons why:

    • Reduces inflammation – Because the foods consumed are processed, overloaded with salts, or simply not filled with nutrients the body needs, more inflammation can occur without the proper foods to help lower it, like beets.
    • Supports heart health due to the betaine and choline that is found within this vegetable. These key ingredients can help to regulate any inflammation in the cardiovascular system which can help to control cholesterol levels as well as reduce high blood pressure that may be getting out of hand.
    • Protects the digestive system
    • Good for the brain
    • Good for the yes

    How much should you consume? Just one cup of beets per day can give you

    • 4 g fiber
    • 2 ½ g of protein
    • 34% daily value of folate
    • 28% daily value of manganese
    • 15% daily value of potassium
    • 14% daily value of copper
    • 10% daily value of magnesium
    • High in phytonuturients as well as antioxidants that help the immune system to fight diseases

    If you are having trouble consuming beets because of the taste, you will like this recipe because it really boosts the vitamin and nutrient content so you get more with each bite.

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    30 minutes

    Prep the Beets

    Wash the beets off, remove the greens, and place them in boiling water for approximately ten minutes to loosen the skin. Peel the skin off and allow to cool.

    5 minutes


    Chop each beet into small cubes.

    3 minutes

    Dissolve Salt

    Pour the salt into the water and stir until completely dissolved.

    2 minutes

    Add Beets to Jars

    Evenly divide the beets into each jar.

    2 minutes

    Add Liquid

    Add the water/salt mixture over the beet cubes inside the jar. Make sure that all beets are completely under the water.

    1 minute

    Add a lid

    Place a lid on each of the jars.


    Set Jars in dark room

    Place the jars in a dark room where the temperature can be maintained between 60 ° and 70°
    Note: Fermentation can take anywhere from three to ten days, depending on the temperature of your kitchen and the final taste of the product to suit your taste buds. After the third day, start checking the taste of the beet to see if it has fermented enough and then continue to step eight.



    Now that the beets are done with the fermentation process, you can now store the jars inside the refrigerator or the root cellar where it is mostly cool.


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