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Fruit Medley with Kefir Dessert Topping

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Adjust Servings:
1 teaspoon of vanilla pure extract
¼ Cup of honey or you can use maple syrup if preferred
2 cups of milk kefir fermented completely

Fruit Medley with Kefir Dessert Topping


    Its important to have that one dish or ingredient that you are known for. Everyone anticipates your dish for all events and it is requested all the time. This dessert topping can be your dish. Make it today and see what your family and friends think.

    • Serves 2
    • Easy




    If you are asked to bring a dessert to the next meeting at work, school, or if your spouse needs you to whip up something for the next cook-out, its super easy to run to the store and grab a cake that has already been baked or a bag of chips and store-bought dip. While this is the easiest route to take, it will mean more to everyone, including yourself, if you made your dessert. This recipe calls for a fruit medley; blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, orange, mango, bananas, grapes, cherries, watermelon, raspberries, and any other fruit available. The best part about a fruit medley tray is that you can add any fruit and it will be okay. You just can’t go wrong with fruit.

    When building your fruit medley tray, you can organize them by their color or by the taste. You can decorate your platter or tray with the fruit to make unique animals as found on YouTube. There are many different ways to jazz it up. Top your platter with this delicious kefir dessert topping that is super easy to make and everyone is going to love! Make the sauce up a day or two ahead of time, especially if you need to make a lot of it for an event. Once you are ready to serve the fruit dish, place it in a serving bowl along with a decorative spoon or small dessert ladle and let everyone add their own.

    Milk Kefir

    This recipe calls for two cups of milk kefir. If you want to make your own milk kefir, you can find the recipe here. To make your own, you will need to purchase milk kefir grains from a reputable individual or company. Milk kefir is a drink that taste somewhat sour when its done. Its cultured with the milk kefir grains and regular cows milk. The benefits of drinking milk kefir include

    • Helping the digestive system
    • Contains antibacterial properties
    • Decreases the chances of osteoporosis developing
    • Helps to protect against cancer
    • Is a great alternative to those who are lactose intolerant


    This recipe calls for vanilla. Its best not to use artificially flavored vanilla but use the pure vanilla in order to enhance the flavor of the dessert topping. Vanilla also holds healthy benefits such as reducing cholesterol levels and decreasing the chances of a heart attack or stroke if consumed regularly. This brown substance is also rich in antioxidants, decreases inflammation, help to prevent acne, improve the health of your hair, and soothe anxiety.


    Honey is also included in this recipe. Its important to use regular honey or raw honey whenever its available. You can find the best honey from your local farmers market or in the organic section of your local grocery store. Honey is not only sweet but it also packs some health benefits as well; helps to heal burns or wounds, soothe throat irritation, and antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Honey is a great substitute for sugar, white refined.

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    2 minutes

    Measure all ingredients

    Its important to measure the vanilla, honey or maple syrup, and milk. If the honey is moving rather slow, place it in some warm water for 5-10 minutes.

    1 minute

    Add Ingredients to Blender

    Pour all ingredients into the blender. Place the lid on.

    2 minutes


    Turn the blender on and blend until all ingredients are thoroughly blended.

    1 hour


    Place the cover on the blender and set inside the refrigerator for an hour at least. You can also pour it into a container with a lid before placing it in the refrigerator.


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