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Fruit Juice Kefir

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Adjust Servings:
1 teaspoon of kefir grains
1 cup of milk , processed whole milk or raw milk from a cow, goat, or sheep
1 Tablespoon of fruit juice

Fruit Juice Kefir


    You can enjoy the fresh taste of milk or yogurt even if you are lactose intolerant. Add a twist of taste with fruit juice, Yum!

    • 24 hours, 10 minutes
    • Serves 1
    • Easy




    Kefir is finding it’s way into homes as more people become intolerant of milk and milk products. Kefir is an alternative for those who cannot consume milk any other way. Kefir is beneficial because it holds antibacterial properties, it can improve bone health, help decrease the development of osteoporosis, help protect against cancer, and improve digestive health. You don’t have to spend a lot of  money on dairy free products in the store; make a healthy alternative right in your home.

    Anyone can make kefir at home using some basic tools that includes:

    * a glass jar, pint size

    * Stirring utensil, preferably metal

    * Strainer, small

    * A breathable cover such as a napkin or cheesecloth

    * A rubber band

    * Kefir grains

    Kefir can take twenty-four to forty-eight hours to ferment. Once the fermentation process is complete, you can add the flavoring to create a different taste every time. If the kefir is acting a little sluggish, you may need the full forty-eight hours to ferment. You can also check the temperature in the room that the kefir is fermenting  in to make sure that it is right at 70 degrees.

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    1 minute

    Start the Process

    Pour one cup of milk into your jar

    1 minute

    Add Kefir

    Add one teaspoon of active kefir grains

    1 minute

    Cover the jar

    Place a clean napkin or paper towel overtop of the opening of the jar. Place a rubber band around the towel to secure it

    24 hours


    Place the covered jar in an area that will maintain the temperature around 70 degrees the next 24 hours.

    Once the twenty four hours is up, examine your kefir mixture to see if it looks like it is the right consistency. It should be thick and creamy in texture and have a tangy taste to it. If not, you will need to leave it a little longer, up to forty-eight hours. Check the mixture throughout to ensure that it is working.

    5 minutes

    Strain the Kefir grains

    Remove the kefir grains from the jar through a small strainer. If you don't remove the grains, they will no longer want to grow and the grains will turn the same color as your juice.

    2 minutes

    Add the juice

    Add the fruit juice to the kefir and stir. Since juice is thin in texture, or watery, it will make your milk mixture thinner as well. Stir until blended.

    Place the fruit juice flavored kefir in the refrigerator to store for up to one week.


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