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Strawberry Preserve Kefir

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Strawberry Preserve Kefir


    Strawberry preserves is good on almost anything so why not enjoy it with the tangy taste of kefir? Delicious and nutritious; the perfect combination.

    • 24 hours, 10 minutes
    • Serves 1
    • Easy




    Are you trying to take better care of your body? Most people are today as they feel the heavy feeling of food being digested but having trouble. One day out shopping and a quick stop to your favorite restaurant and you pay for it for two days. This is typical for so many people who have a difficult time getting their digestive system straightened up. Once it gets off track, it could take a while before you feel good again. You can avoid all of this inconvenient and despair but simply learning how to help your digestion system by making kefir at home.

    Kefir is a creamy yogurt type product that you make when you combine a regular cup of whole milk with kefir grains. These grains are small in size and look knobby. These grains house bacteria and yeast that will ferment when added to whole milk. If you have ever made kombucha, these grains act just like the Scoby does in kombucha.

    Kefir is a good alternative for anyone who is lactose intolerant and likes yogurt. When you combine the milk with the kefir grains, you get the yogurt texture within twenty-four hours; ready for you to eat. The taste is tangy and may take a little while to get use to but adding flavoring can speed the adjustment process up a little.

    You can use whole milk that is either raw or pasteurized. Whole milk can be from goats, sheep, or cows. You can also use 2% reduced milk if you prefer. Coconut milk can also be used if you have a high intolerance or allergy to milk.

    For this recipe, you will be adding strawberry preserves that have already been processed. The benefits of strawberries is almost too many to name but they do deserve some instant recognition, such as:

    * Help to improve eye care

    * Improve brain function

    * Aids in the control of high blood pressure

    * Arthritis

    * Gout

    * Some cardiovascular diseases

    * Improves immune system

    Because of the strawberry’s high content of fiber, folate, and because it has no fats, holds very high levels of Vitamin C as well as photochemicals, they can work together to reduce the cholesterol in the blood vessels and arteries, decreasing the chances of many cardiovascular diseases to develop over time.

    To make kefir flavored with strawberry preserves, you will need the following equipment:

    * a glass jar – pint sized to have room

    * Stirring utensil

    * Napkin or paper towel

    * A rubber band

    * Plastic mesh strainer

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    1 minute


    Pour one cup of milk into a jar

    1 minute

    Kefir Grains

    Add one Tablespoon of kefir grains into the milk and using the stirring utensil, stir the two together.

    1 minute


    Cover the opening of the jar with the napkin or paper towel and secure it with the rubber band.

    24 hours


    Place the jar in a dark area away from direct sunlight for a period of twenty-four hours. Check the mixture often throughout the twenty-four hour period to ensure that everything is going the way that it should

    5 minutes

    Remove Kefir Seeds

    Uncover the jar and using the strainer, pour the kefir mixture into the strainer, leaving only the kefir grains in the strainer.

    Place the kefir grains into a new cup of whole milk to continue the process of making another glass of kefir.

    2 minutes


    Add the one Tablespoon of strawberry preserve into the kefir cream and stir to combine.

    You can then refrigerate the kefir or you can enjoy it immediately. It will store in the refrigerator for up to one week.


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