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Make your Own Yogurt at Home

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Adjust Servings:
4 Cups of milk whole
½ Cup of dry milk Used to help thicken the yogurt
¼ Cup of yogurt purchased from the store and must say "live cultures" on the container.
Tablespoons of honey

Make your Own Yogurt at Home


    Buying yogurt at the store can be expensive. Making it home can save you lots of money each year. It can also make it healthier for you to eat and offer you a variety of flavors.

    • 1-2 hours
    • Serves 4
    • Easy




    You have probably already heard it, yogurt is good for you. Many people who say they don’t like the taste of it is genuine. For some, it is a taste that you need to get use to. However, in the long run, eating yogurt is very beneficial to the human body in so many ways.

    How is Yogurt Beneficial to the Body?

    There are so many reasons to eat yogurt and here are the most common five:

    1. Consuming just eighteen ounces of yogurt per day can help bring you down a couple of pants sizes.
    2. Yogurt offers a variety of vitamins and minerals that the body needs each day; zinc, iodine, potassium, phosphorus, and B12 – just to name a few.
    3. Yogurt contains a good bacteria. This means that there are lots of tiny microscopic living bugs that can live in the digestive tract to help your body eliminate the bad bacteria so your intestines work as they should. These live cultures do not cause harm to the body and you wont even know they are there but they are very useful to you.
    4. Many people suffer from high blood pressure and consuming yogurt can help with that condition. Because yogurt is high in potassium, it can help to flush out any excess sodium that may be stored in the body and can cause the blood pressure to rise.
    5. After working out, consuming yogurt within the hour can help the body to replenish itself faster and more completely, providing the body with the vitamins and minerals that may have been lost while you were active.

    The list of benefits can go on and on. The bottom line is that yogurt is more helpful than we can imagine. It can also taste good too.

    Buying Yogurt in the Store vs. Making it Yourself

    When it comes to buying yogurt at the store, you will find an unlimited amount of selection which can be divided by:

    • The brand
    • The texture
    • Additions such as fruit or granola

    Not all store bought yogurt is healthy and for that reason, you should be careful when choosing one for you and your family. You want to pay attention to the serving size, the fat servings, the proteins, and calories. You should also note the additional ingredients that are added to pour into the yogurt when you are ready to eat. Is the fruit actual fruit or artificially flavored? Sometimes, you may even see candy that can be added to the yogurt as this ingredient can attract children to eat yogurt.

    Making yogurt at home is quite different. You can control what goes in your yogurt and you can also control the quality of ingredients you use as well.  Making yogurt is not as expensive as buying it all the time. Once you make your first batch, you will see just how easy it is.

    How to Make Yogurt at Home

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    2 minutes

    Mix the ingredients together

    In a saucepan, add whole milk, dry milk and honey. Stir.

    5 minutes


    Turn on the heat to medium and stir constantly while its heating up. Bring the mixture to a hot temperature. It should reach 180° if you are using a candy thermometer. If you don’t have a thermometer, simply watch for it to begin moving around right before it becomes a rolling boil.
    Note: If it starts to boil, it will not take long to burn so don’t allow it to each this point.

    1-2 hours

    Cool down

    Remove the pan from the stove and set in an area where it wont be in the way. Allow it to cool down to the point that you can touch the liquid without being burned.

    Note: If the milk is too hot, it will kill the live bacteria when it is added. You need to allow the milk to cool down completely first.

    1 minute

    Add Yogurt

    Pour the yogurt into the saucepan with the milk mixture. Wisk it thoroughly until all ingredients are combined.

    1 minute

    Place in Jar

    Using a funnel, pour the mixture into a jar and place a lid on it.
    Its time now to proceed to the second step of this process – The Incubation Process.


    Incubation Process Begins...

    Place your jar of yogurt inside an oven that has been heated up to approximately 150 degrees and then turned off prior to placing the jar in.with the oven off. It will stay for 8-12 hours total. You simply want it to preserve the mixture until the live bacteria can begin to regenerate. If it still looks thin after the set amount of time, you can give it another four to six hours to set and thicken.

    Once its done, you can store the mixture in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.
    Use ¼ cup of your yogurt to make your next batch of yogurt. You can take this amount out of every finished batch in order to keep a fresh batch of homemade yogurt on hand all the time.
    You can add your own preserves or fresh fruits chopped up to give your yogurt a different taste each time.
    Now that you have made your first batch, you can make it to keep on hand all the time. Pack it on your lunch and pack it on your kids lunch. Add granola, fresh fruits, or your favorite cereals for a different flavor each time.


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    Why the powdered milk? I make mine like your recipe except for the addition of powdered milk and honey. When I place in the oven I leave the oven light on during incubation for a little extra warmth.

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