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Pomegranate and Orange Flavored Kombucha

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Adjust Servings:
3-4 oz. Pomegranate juice concentrated
2 oz. Orange juice freshly squeezed is better so you don’t add a lot of sugar
4 Cups kombucha tea plain and finished the first fermentation process.

Pomegranate and Orange Flavored Kombucha


    The holidays are the perfect time to begin a new tradition. Pass around this delicious beverage to relax and unwind with after a big meal. The probiotics found in kombucha can help the digestive system and this can make eating and enjoying company more enjoyable.

    • 1-3 days
    • Serves 4
    • Easy




    Kombucha is a special tea that has been fermented in order to be more beneficial. The main benefit from drinking this drink is for the probiotics as well as the Vitamin B. While fermented foods and beverages are normally dreaded due to their extensive process, kombucha isn’t like that. In fact most recipes that you find on kombuchas is easy to prepare and uses foods and ingredients you most likely have in your kitchen already.

    While kombucha tastes good plain and simple, it doesn’t hurt to add a little flavor every now and again. You can flavor your drink with fruits, herbs, and spices. The holidays are a great time to serve kombucha and to share it with those you love. The probiotics are very important this time of year as everyone tends to indulge around the dinner table as they go from home to home visiting family and friends. The probiotics will give you a stronger digestive system in order to handle what is coming up in the future.

    Orange Benefits

    This fruit is full of vitamins and minerals just bursting at the seams. When you need to eat on the go, an orange is going to be your best bet. Mash it on the counter before you leave, sip the juice out of it while you are in route. When you get to work or school, simply peel back the outer rind and eat. There is no microwave needed or trash to deal with either.

    Oranges are great for helping to lower blood pressure and keep it low. There is a decreased change of cancer developing if you have added oranges to your daily diet. Do you need vitamin C? Just about everyone could use it at some point. Grabbing an orange can help you fill up your vitamin C requirement for the day. Oranges are also great for those who are dealing with diabetes and heart health. Oranges are good for the skin too.

    Adding oranges to this recipe will not only make your kombucha more flavorful, it will also make it more healthy too.

    Pomegranate Benefits

    There are numerous benefits to enjoying pomegranate every day, in addition to the great taste. Poms are full of antioxidants which mean that your body will have more ammo to fight when those germs and bacteria start to invade. The Vitamin C found in pomegranates can also help to slow down or stop the growth of certain cancer cells, like prostate cancer. The same antioxidants that help to fight off germs can also help fight off the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Pomegranates are great for assisting the digestive system, being an anti-inflammatory for diseases such as arthritis. If you are watching your heart health, you will appreciate the benefits that pomegranates add. Poms can also help to lower the systolic pressure in your blood pressure which can help to fight off high blood pressure. Just eight ounces of pomegranate juice per day can improve your memory.

    Pomegranate in this recipe is going to give your kombucha tea more flavor and more vitamins and minerals too.

    Now its time to make this recipe. Its simple to put together and its worth the simple steps you are about to take below. For this recipe, you will need to start with the plain kombucha recipe. To make that, you can click here before proceeding to the next steps below. If you have never made plain kombucha before, allow yourself enough time to make another batch if the first batch doesn’t turn out the way that you wanted it to. The first batch is always the most difficult because newbies tend to doubt the steps they have taken to get the final product.

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    Prepare the plain Kombucha

    Once you are finished with the first fermentation step, proceed to step two.

    1 minutes

    Pour tea into jar

    For this step, you will want to use a gallon sized glass jar. Pour the plain kombucha tea into the jar.

    2 minutes

    Pour Other Juices

    Pour the pomegranate juice and the orange juice into the glass jar.

    1 minute


    Combine the juices together with a wooden spoon.

    1 minute

    Put a Lid on it

    Place a lid on the glass jar that fits it snugly so no air can get into the jar or insects can fly into it as it sits and ferments some more.

    1-3 days

    The amount of time that this jar stays fermented will be determined by your taste, ranging from sweet to sour. Another factor that will play a factor in the amount of time that it ferments will be the temperature of your room and the time of year it is.

    Note: after the first batch is made, you may want to decrease or increase the amount of juice you use, depending on the carbonation that you see in the final result.

    Note: Check the mixture after the first twenty-four hours is up to see if it is the taste that you want. If not, you can allow it to sit for another twenty-four hours before checking it again.



    Place the completed drink in the refrigerator until you are ready to drink it. Remember that the juice has caused some carbonation so you may need to untighten the lid every once in a while to allow the carbonation to escape.


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