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Raspberry and Blueberry Kombucha

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Adjust Servings:
1 cup of blueberries frozen
1 cup of raspberries frozen
8 cups of kombucha

Raspberry and Blueberry Kombucha


    Celebrate your Independence Day with this delicious recipe using all natural fruits and kombucha to form the perfect celebration in your mouth. With the berries mixing together, you get a taste that will have everyone wondering how they can make their own kombucha.

    • Serves 8
    • Medium




    If you are in charge of bringing something to Independence Day celebration, you may want to try this recipe. Made with the dark blue color of blueberries and the red color of red Raspberries, you will create a celebration of sorts in your mouth.

    This recipe calls for frozen berries but if you just picked some or if you prefer to use fresh over frozen, by all means substitute the frozen for the fresh. It’s not going to alter the taste so you won’t even know the difference when you are done.

    This recipe calls for kombucha which will need to be made ahead of time. The brewing process takes approximately ten days and has two ferments so you must allow time for your kombucha to prepare before you follow the instructions below.

    Equipment you will need to make Raspberry and Blueberry Kombucha

    * Blender

    * Flat spoon

    * Small saucepan

    * Measuring spoons/ cups

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    3 minutes

    Wash Berries

    If you are using fresh berries, you will need to wash them thoroughly and then lay them on a towel to dry. Don't rub them with a towel. If you are using frozen berries, you will need to set them out for about ten to twenty minutes before you start preparing them for this recipe.

    7 minutes

    Heat up the Berries

    Using a small sauce pan, place the raspberries and blueberries in the pan and heat on a low to medium heat until the juices are starting to show in the saucepan. The heat will help to soften the berries and release their juices

    2 minutes

    Blend the Berries

    Now that the berries are heated up, you will need to transfer them over to the blender where you will puree them.

    1 hour


    Place the mixture inside of an ice cube tray and set it inside the freezer until frozen solid

    1 minute

    Add the basic kombucha

    Once the kombucha is successfully completed it's fermentation, you can add it to a mason jar and then bring on two cubes of the puree.

    3 days

    Fuse the Flavors together

    Allow the mixture to set in a dark area for one to three days. Taste it daily to make sure that it taste good to you before it goes too long and ruins the batch.

    Refrigerate the kombucha as soon as it is done so you can keep it fresh. Fruits can cause the kombucha to go bad quickly when left out and allowed to remain at room temperature or warmer. To avoid this, you can slow down the growth of bacteria by placing it in the refrigerator.


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