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St. Patrick’s Day Kefir Shake

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St. Patrick’s Day Kefir Shake


    When you want to add a little green to your diet or if you want to have some delicious shakes ready for your guests on St. Patrick's Day, then this is the recipe to try. If you want to add flavor to your water kefir, making this delicious shake will certainly satisfy your tastebuds.

    • 8 minutes
    • Serves 16
    • Easy




    Don’t let the name fool you; this shake can be enjoyed anytime of the year but due to its green color, its perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. You are going to love this delicious and healthy water kefir shake that tastes great and helps to balance your digestive system too. For this recipe, you will be using ingredients like coconut milk, kale leaves, avocado, honey, and mint.


    A great ingredient in almost any drink is coconut. Its healthy and full of vitamins and nutrients that you can count toward your balanced diet. Coconut can be enjoyed in many different ways; fresh raw meat can be great in all recipes, dehydrated, or enjoy the coconut milk. Coconut is known to work with the bodys own blood sugar to help regular levels. It can also lower blood pressure, and improve the movements of the bowels. Coconut should be placed in as many recipes as you can get.


    Kale is growing popularity as people learn more about what kale can bring to the table, so to speak. Kale is filled with protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, folate, alpha-linolenic acid, lutein, and minerals like phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and calcium.

    When choosing kale for this recipe, you may find that some kale is flat while others are curly. Some even have a blue – green tint. You need kale that has large leaves to make this recipe. Kale can be purchased at a local farmers market or you can purchase it in many grocery stores. Opt for the organic kale when possible.


    The avocado brings a lot of healthy benefits to your kefir shake. Its benefits include a healthier cardiovascular system, help the body gain control of blood pressure, has cancer preventive benefits, help maintain diabetes, improve skin function, help deal with arthritis, provides additional vitamins and nutrients that are vital during pregnancy, improve bowel movement regularity, promote weight loss, and more. With a balanced diet and adding flavors such as this delicious and healthy shake to your diet, you can feel better about yourself and the choices you make.


    This delightful golden nectar provides so many benefits and tastes good in your drink. Honey is sweet and is a good substitute for sugar and artificial sweetener. Did you know that honey is a great place to get carbohydrates into your diet, which can help with your workout and endurance. It decreases muscle fatigue so you can go stronger and longer in your work out. In addition to the energy, honey can help your body/s natural immune system fight off common bugs and colds. Honey has an antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. These properties along with other properties in honey can help your body build up a defense against cancer forming cells. Need a brain boost? Honey can improve cognitive thinking and help decrease or prolong the development of conditions that cause dementia. For cuts, burns, and other first aid treatments, a bottle of honey can make a difference.


    Mint also has many healthy benefits and it/s easy to grow in your own backyard. This simple green plant can improve your digestion, build up your liver, help regulate the body/s temperature, help to decrease the signs and symptoms of asthma, and improve tooth care.

    To make this recipe, you will need a simple batch of kefir water made up ahead of time. You can find the easy version of water kefir recipe here.

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    5 minutes

    Combine Ingredients

    In a blender, bring together water kefir, avocado, coconut milk, and kale. Place the lid on your blender and blend these ingredients until smooth.

    1 minute

    Add Mint

    Chop the mint roughly and drop into the blender.

    1 minute

    Add honey

    Measure the honey into the blender.

    1 minute

    Add ice Cubes

    Add enough ice cubes to set the texture of your shake.


    Blend all ingredients until completely smoothed

    Note: Add more honey if you want the shake to be a little sweeter


    Serve immediately


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